Domaine la Louvière is inseparably associated with the wolf

According to folklore, wolves gathered on the foothills of the Pyrenees in the south of France to survey the countryside and pick up the scent for the hunt. Our vineyards now flourish on one of these ancient gathering sites for wolves – La Louvière.

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At the Domaine La Louvière we nurture some of the most desirable wines in the whole of the Languedoc.

These include fruity single grape red, white and rose IPG Pays d’Oc wines and fine AOP Malepère reds. For those special celebrations we also produce AOP Blanquette de Limoux and AOP Crémant de Limoux sparkling wines.

Languedoc wines
Domaine la Louvière: Les Péchés

Les Péchés

*les péchés = "the sins"

These two excellent wines together form the ruling pair of the Domaine. They are the only ones to be awarded top status in our range.

Les Péchés

Les Tentations

*les tentations = "the temptations"

Each one of this trio of excellent wines possess a delicate feminine touch, yet a very demanding character of their own.

Les Tentations
The Plaisirs range

Les Plaisirs

*les plaisirs = "the pleasures"

These fruity and refined wines are full of character and will woo you with their classic charm.

Les Plaisirs

Les Perles

*les Perles = "the pearls"

These lively and refreshing AOP Limoux sparkling wines are ideal for a celebration.

Les Perles

Our Terroir

Domaine La Louvière lies at the foot of the Pyrenees about 30 kilometres southwest of the imposing fortress town of Carcassonne in the Malepère region.

This harsh and original landscape is characterised by a unique microclimate. Alternately pampered by the warm breeze of the Mediterranean and tested by the cool influence of the Atlantic and the Pyrenees, the grapes ripen in climatic tension.

Our Terroir
carcassonne wines

The howl of the wolf

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Vineyard tours

vineyard tours

Enjoy a guided tour of our vineyards. Every Tuesday morning from May to September. Call to reserve.

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