Domaine la Louvière Plaisirs range

The Domaine La Louvière's Plaisirs range contains a collection of AOP Malepère and IGP Pay d'Oc wines which will woo you with their classical masculine charm.

The harsh climate of the Pyrenees, the winemakers' expert knowledge and the special properties of the grape varieties come together to form these fruity wines of a particularly refined character.

Le Coquin IPG Pays d'Oc Merlot

Le Coquin, with its full-bodied rounded flavour, promises a lot more than just a casual fling.

Le Marquis AOP Malepère Rosé

This Marquis is considered by many as unique and lavish. Are you ready for a very special rendez-vous?

Le Libertin IPG Pays d'Oc Sauvignon Blanc

With its extravagant character, this Sauvignon Blanc behaves real freedom.

Le Galant IPG Pays d'Oc Chardonnay

Le Galant is the classic gentleman. Reserved… yet direct and demanding.

Apéritifs musicaux N°2: TEM


Come and savour the summer and the wines of Le Domaine la Louvière with our two apéritifs musicaux !
The second takes place on the 22nd August 2019 with the local band from Limoux: TEM 5Tet.

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