Domaine la Louvière team

Our multinational team, led by our General Manager, Jem Harris, are driven by their passion for wine and united by their obsession to create top quality wines, bursting with personality, for your pleasure.

Jem Harris, General Manager

Jem Harris
General Manager, Domaine La Louvière

Jem, heralding from Australia, brings a modern and dynamic "New World" know-how to the domaine, whilst showing reverence for traditional French wine-making techniques. He manages the day-to-day running of the team and brings an oenological flair and sensitivity to the creation of our wines.

We strive to achieve that perfect blend between tradition and innovation, working with and respecting nature - without being retrogressive.

The Cathar lands

cathar lands

The mythical Languedoc lands, where wolves used to roam, also witnessed the only crusade on Christian lands against the region's Cathar community

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